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Heal Your Gut This Holiday Season!

Jump into the holiday season with tools to manage heavy meals and too many sweets! Our Gut Repair Kit™ helps improve gut health by reducing pain and inflammation.

Feel Better with Less Work!

Grab our 3 most powerful blends to kick start your healing in our Thrive Kit™. Enjoy better energy, focus, and feelings of joy for this holiday season and year-round!

Give the Gift of Relaxation!

 Three powerful blends help support restful sleep and enhanced energy and mood.  There is nothing like the Stress Support Kit™ to help you relax and enjoy the holiday spirit!

Best Gift You Can Give Yourself!

Don’t wait until the new year to get a jump on better brain health. Restore energy, enhance mood, improve memory & concentration with our Reboot Your Brain Kit™.

Kick Start Health Pack!

Help keep your body healthy and strong during the holiday season with the Detox Support Kit™ to help offset any extra indulgence in food or drink by helping your body, especially your liver and gallbladder, work better.

Essential Wellness

Five powerful blends to boost your healing! The Essential Wellness Kit™ helps reduce stress, calm inflammation, enhance sleep & modulate your immune system, increasing your body’s capacity for healing.



Use our proprietary Parasympathetic® Blend to turn on the body’s ability to heal and regenerate! Melt away stress, elevate mood, boost energy, improve digestion, calm inflammation and regain focus.  Your body will thank you!


Wrap up in relaxation and fall into a deep, luxurious, restorative sleep with this blend. No need to deprive your body of the rest it needs while enjoying the excitement of the season. Our Sleep™ Blend is the gift your body has been asking for!


Give the gift of calm. Keep your adrenals in balance this holiday season and stave off symptoms of adrenal fatigue such as skin rashes, salt and sugar cravings, poor sleep and mood fluctuations with our Adrenal® Blend.


Boost the Brain Masterclass 

  • Learn a Clinically Tested, Physician-Supported Essential Oil Protocol
  • Lifetime Access to 6 Modules
  • Instructional Videos & Worksheets
  • Exclusive Bonus Materials

Parasympathetic Activation Strategies

  • Step-by-Step Guide
  • Detailed Checklist
  • In-Depth Video Training
  • Easy to Follow Physical, Mental & Emotional Practices to Activate the Parasympathetic State

Reboot the Brain with Essential Oils

  • Extensive Overview of Brain Dysfunction
  • Using Essential Oils to Access and Heal the Brain via Blood/Brain Barrier
  • Strategies for Brain Detoxification

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