Send an all-natural, personalized, gift of health this year.

A calming flat lay with essential oils, fresh lemon slice, and lavender sprigs on a marble background, suggesting a serene aromatherapy session.

Vibrant Blue Oils is excited to offer a 100% natural range of products that enable you to surprise and delight your colleagues, clients and community delivering:

A  unique range of beautiful, all natural gifts with a high perceived value

  • Care packages for employees
  • Gifts for key clients and colleagues
  • Clear program of employee care focusing on specific wellbeing needs throughout the year that will leave a lasting impression and deliver enhanced productivity
  • A clear environmental message about your commitment to natural products and sustainability
Elegant bathroom shelf with a serene setup of wellness products: essential oil bottles, marble accessories, and green foliage, reflecting a tranquil self-care atmosphere.

What we can offer:

  • Personalized note with gifts
  • A range of unique wellbeing products with that can be tailored to your team/clients needs, relieving stress, boosting positivity and encouraging self care.
  • Management of all packaging and delivery, even to multiple addresses
  • A hassle free solution – we can work within your budget, to provide a customized, personal service


Vibrant Blue Oils offers a unique corporate gifting opportunity to surprise and delight your colleagues, clients and community. To find out more, please contact us at in**@vi*************.com

A trio of blue bottles of vibrant blue oils on a reflective surface, each labeled for a different purpose—breathe, immune support, sinus support—against a backdrop of soft natural light and delicate foliage.
Three small bottles of essential oils with labels indicating different types, placed on a soft, textured white blanket, accompanied by a few delicate green leaves for a touch of natural elegance.

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