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Turn on your body’s ability to heal with this all-natural essential oil blend made from a synergistic combination of clove and lime essential oils. Melt away stress, elevate mood, boost energy, improve digestion, and regain focus with Parasympathetic®.

What is the parasympathetic state?

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Our Parasympathetic® blend is the missing link that has helped thousands bring their health back into balance and eliminate unwanted health symptoms like fatigue, depression, anxiety, migraines, inflammation, and extra weight.

Massage a small drop of this proprietary blend behind the earlobe (on your mastoid bone) to turn on the parasympathetic state – where all healing and health maintenance processes occur – and give your body more room to regenerate and heal.

By making it part of your wellness ritual, you can…

  • ​Enhance your body’s ability to purge harmful toxins
  • Eliminate digestive issues
  • Boost nutrient assimilation & absorption
  • Sharpen memory and focus
  • Clear up paralyzing brain fog
  • ​​Calm the fires of inflammation
  • And melt away anxiety & depression

Turn the dial up on healing and start feeling like your best self again with Parasympathetic®!

HOW TO USE PARASYMPATHETIC®: Designed for aromatic and topical use. If using topically, we recommend applying 1 drop to the vagus nerve (behind ear lobe on mastoid bone).

You can apply behind one or both ears depending on how stressed you feel. Always test on a nickel sized portion of skin first. Make sure your skin can handle the oil/blend before using. For Aromatic Usage, hold the bottle under nose for 3 or 4 breaths.

WHEN TO USE PARASYMPATHETIC®: To support digestion, apply before meals. You can also use as needed when you feel stressed, anxious or depressed.

PARASYMPATHETIC® INGREDIENTS: Parasympathetic® contains a proprietary blend of distilled lime* and clove essential oil in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

5ml bottle includes 100 drops, lasts about 30 days if used 2-3 times daily.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*Pressed lime essential oil can be phototoxic, which makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight and sunburns, but distilled lime essential oil is not.  The distillation process “burns” off the phototoxic chemicals.

Parasympathetic® Use Sheet

Apply 1 drop to the vagal nerve (behind ear lobe, on mastoid bone on the neck). You can apply behind one or both ears depending on how stressed you feel. You can also apply before meals to support optimal digestion.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Vibrant Blue Oils Brain Balance Parasympathetic® contains a proprietary formulation of organic and/or wild crafted essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil:

Clove Bud (Eugenia caryophyllata): Stimulates the vagal nerve to trigger the digestive cascade. Can also stimulate circulation to help increase energy and relieve fatigue. It can also help you boost your mood and relieve memory deficiency. It can be used to support headaches, fevers, digestive problems and increase milk supply for lactating mothers.

Distilled Lime*(Citrus aurantifolia): Lime oil is stimulating to the brain. It clears thought and aids concentration. It helps relieve apathy, anxiety, and nervousness. Because it refreshes a tired mind, it is a top essential oil to use when treating depression and listlessness. It is uplifting and stimulating.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*Pressed lime essential oil can be phototoxic, which makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight and sunburns, but distilled lime essential oil is not.  The distillation process “burns” off the phototoxic chemicals.

238 reviews for Parasympathetic®

  1. Steph

    JODI! I got my Parasympathetic oil (and a few others) today. Applied before lunch and after dinner, felt calm while eating and by golly…I POOPED LIKE A NORMAL PERSON TONIGHT!!! I know it’s gross to share this information but I need to shout it from the mountaintops!

  2. Mali

    My brother and his girlfriend came to visit New Mexico. They’ve been flying and driving for a few days. She complained that she hadn’t had a BM in a couple of days from the lack of exercise. I handed her my bottle of Parasympathetic oil. She took one deep sniff…and ran to the bathroom!! That’s all it took. I am impressed indeed.

  3. Christie Banners

    I have to tell you that we have found the Parasympathetic to be super useful for constipation in kids as well. My kids call it “the blue stuff” and whenever we are traveling or out of routine and they need help to “poop” it’s our go to solution. It’s nearly instant. Other friend’s kids have found it to be helpful for that purpose as well. Super cool! It’s also helpful with mild car sickness which I find fascinating.

  4. Amy

    The Parasympathetic oil has been a great help during my heavy metal detox. I had a lot of ringing in my left ear. The oil has assisted bringing that to a minimum.

  5. Nicole

    I have the Parasympathetic blend and used it with success last spring when I went on vacation without my kids for the first time and was very anxious. Fast forward to this past fall and I was in labor with my fourth child. I again instinctively reached for the Parasympathetic while I was in labor and really think the oils helped to bring on strong and productive contractions while keeping me grounded and focused. I’m a big fan. I am looking forward to expanding my collection and learning more.

  6. Gail

    I like to incorporate everything I know to balance and decrease stress to stay healthy.That’s why I love your Parasympathetic blend. I put it behind my ( and my 13 yo) ears every night before I go to sleep. Sleep is so important for our health as well . So using the blend at night helps my body get the “rest” to heal and “digest” my food , thoughts, emotions while sleeping.

  7. Andrea

    Athletes are loving your Parasympathetic and Circadian Rhythm; I think they come into the clinic now just for the nap with oils on the PEMF mat!

  8. Lucy

    Parasympathetic has been SO helpful with regaining my breast milk!!!

  9. Donna Stewart (verified owner)

    I have a chronic condition called Arnold’s Nerve Cough Syndrome, very rare. It involves the vagus nerve that was affected after a respiratory infection 20 years ago. Only diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. Symptoms of chronic uncontrollable coughing. I just ran across this today and immediately put in my order. I am praying this will calm down the irritation in my Vagus Nerve and get relief of this condition. I use essential oils for lots of things but never for this. I am hopeful.

  10. Jodi Cohen

    Thank you for sharing your story! Please keep us updated on how the oils work for you.

  11. Lisa

    After I lost my father, I knew that I was in shock. Your article about which oil blends to use for shock could not have come at a better time. I just ordered two Vibrant Blue oils this week and I loved receiving them in the mail. I now use your Parasympathetic blend of essential oils daily to calm my nervous system and your Adrenal blend helps to bring balance when my stress hormones surge. I now feel better able to cope with the loss of my father and I know that my body is being supported with your healing essential oils. Thank you, Jodi!

  12. Ruth (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Parasympathetic oil for several years. It works for me and I have referred others to using it.

  13. Ron

    Works really well and I just ordered two more bottles

  14. Margaret

    Our favorite EO ever, makes my boys so happy and calm.

  15. Cindy

    My experience has been a good one. Using your parasympathetic oil has worked! It calms me and puts me in a peaceful state of mind. I’m thankful that I found the product and will order again.

  16. Andrea

    I truly love the smell of the Parasympathetic Blend! The hint of citrus with the scent of clove is intoxicating. I massage it behind the earlobe in the morning and even add more during the day. Invigorating.

  17. Wendy K.

    I really like the oil. The clove lime is a great scent. I used it on a patient that was having anxiety about her IV and she found it super helpful as well as my self for the horrible stressful feeling I have every day. I want to try calm next!

  18. Laurie

    I love it. I am sleeping through the night now!

  19. Donna

    I have been using mine at bedtime to relax me and the oil smells sweet and I really relax to go to sleep.

  20. Anne

    Parasympathetic is already helping my digestive system and my daughter who is sympathetic dominant among other things has found the Parasympathetic and Stress oils are keeping her calmer.

  21. Angela

    I really like the Parasympathetic oil. It’s been helpful just breathing it in before meals or under stress.

  22. Jennie

    I got the Parasympathetic oil to try and am sooooo happy with it. I am sleeping way better when I use it! I used to wake up at least 4-5 times a night, now, at most I wake up twice. I forgot to use it one night and was wide awake in the middle of the night – I won’t make that mistake again. I feel healthier and more balanced since I started using it. This is a great company and the Parasympathetic has been a game-changer for me. Thank you

  23. Lisa L.

    I have been using essential oils for years and make lots of my own blends, so I was really surprised at how well the Parasympathetic blend worked. It amazes me how something so simple can be so effective. I use a few drops on the mastoid bone behind my ear lobes first thing in the morning. It helps tremendously with my headaches and dizziness.

  24. Howard

    My blood pressure has been high and anxiety off the charts. An hour after applying a drop behind my ear, my BP is down by 20 points and heart rate is down also.

  25. Laurie

    Oh, my goodness !! I bought the Parasympathetic Oil blend for my daughter and it helped some. She shared it with her fiancé who has struggled with sleep for decades and he has slept through the night since. Miraculous !!! God continue to bless you and your mission!

  26. Tony

    Just had a TBI client that for ten years terrible headaches monthly give or take a couple of weeks. Used your oil Parasympathetic blend, minimal headaches! I told him I’d thank you. Sooo Thank you!!

  27. Howard

    I purchased the Parasympathetic formula to try and calm down my anxiety. This oil is amazing. Not only has it helped calm me down, but my blood pressure has gone down too.

  28. Carol

    The Parasympathetic oil has been very helpful to me and to my daughter. I’ve ordered more because we’ll need it She’s been in pain a long time and recently had surgery. Her “foggy brain” has been clearing and I’ve been sleeping better. So grateful to find this essential oil.

  29. Lidia G

    Although it has only been about three weeks since I began applying the Parasympathetic oil blend I have received over 75% benefits/relief, specially on my (face) skin. A LOT less allergic reactions to the healthy (organic, gluten-free) foods I’ve been consuming for the last 7 years. IT’S AMAZING! BLESSINGS & THANK YOU!!

  30. Anne

    I am loving this Parasympathetic oil! Whenever my tummy feels upset or queasy I rub some oil behind my ears and the back of my head and I feel the shift almost immediately!

  31. Mario

    Love the smell and help me a lot with my digestion

  32. stelpidge

    Love this! Helps with so many things from sleeping to digestion but the best part is that is makes me feel balanced and calm! Plus vibrant blue oils has the absolute BEST customer service! THANK YOU!

  33. Virginia

    I feel like I’m in love when I use the Parasympathetic Blend! There is something about the combination of the 2 oils that are used in it that is so lovely, peaceful and heavenly that I know it is doing its job! Love it!!!

  34. Suzanne

    It is remarkably effective. In these trying times we all need help. It now goes with me everywhere. Love it.

  35. Chris

    I really didn’t expect the Parasympathetic to do much. I was wrong. It calmed my system down and I felt more relaxed and didn’t have that underlying sense of anxiety which colored my mood and thoughts. As for digestion, I usually took a digestive aid. With this I haven’t had to and I don’t get bloated like I used to and my food digests better. Works so much better than I thought and I use it daily.

  36. Eileen

    I just started using the Vibrant Blue Oils Parasympathetic blend a few days ago. I had brain trauma as a result of 3 rear end accidents that took me out of the work force almost 7 years ago with severe PTSD.

    I was unable to participate in life the way I used to and my life become one of solitude for much of the time. I was being “”triggered”” by almost everything.

    For the first time I went shopping in my community during social isolation for about 2 hours and was calm and tranquil for the first time in years! What pleasure it was…

    I am so thankful and am hoping for continued success.

  37. Jeanette

    The first time I used Vibrant Blue, I slept the whole night through!! I thought it was a fluke. But then the next night and every continuing night so far I’m actually sleeping through the night!!

  38. Sandy

    I’ve been using the parasympathetic blend for a week, and I am very happy with this product. I take it a few hours before I go to bed, and have a good night’s rest and the next morning I have a small bowel movement. I also use it before every meal, and within a couple of hours I can use the bathroom. I’ve noticed that it calms me down when I become anxious. I will be ordering more product and highly recommended the Parasympathetic blend.

  39. Susana

    I started to use Parasympathetic oil about a week ago. I applied it on the bone behind my ears, the back of my neck and on my jaws (I suffer from TMJ), and the pain from my jaws has diminish immensely. Thank you for your product.

  40. Diane

    I really enjoy using the Parasympathetic Oil.

  41. Ruthann (verified owner)

    Parasympathetic has been a Life Changer! Helps me calm down before meals, calm before bed, helps me lovingly care for my mom (with dementia), and more. I have been existing in fight/flight mode for years, this oil (plus lifestyle changes) has stopped the ugly cycle & opened the door so my body can start healing itself. I feel emotions strongly, so it helps calm my body down so I can move beyond the feeling to process & think. So grateful for all the work & research that VBO puts into their products!

  42. Susan

    I am feeling more at peace with myself and with life generally. I have been using the Parasympathetic blend for a week or two. Grateful.

  43. Edith

    I want to let you know that my Mom died on Alzheimers, and therefore, I am terrified to find myself in this terrible situation. During conversations with my family, I started to unfinish a sentence because I could not remember the name of the person. Since I use the oil as described, I really feel the first time that my memory improves. I like the fresh smell of the blue oil and the convenience to use it. By the way, I am only 73 years young. My 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren are my life.
    Thank you Jodi, I believe in your “”Blue Oils””.

  44. Rosa

    I have been using your Parasympathetic EO and have had great results. It has helped tremendously with insomnia and stress. I had not been dreaming for years. I am dreaming again now!

  45. Linda

    Love the Parasympathetic oil. I can feel the difference the moment I put it on!

  46. Deanna

    I am amazed to have great results in just a few days! I thank you Jodi – my bladder thanks you. Now I know incontinence was not due to menopause. This Parasympathetic essential oil is wonderful

  47. Nancy

    To date I have used the Parasympathetic blend and I experienced better sleep and a much calmer more positive outlook on the day. My stress levels have been reduced as well. I love this product and have now ordered the Spleen and Liver blends.

  48. Eric

    Must admit my sleep is better with the parasympathetic stimulus.

  49. April

    Like the smell of the Parasympathetic. Unsure yet about the Adrenal. I feel overall with both of these I am relaxed more.

  50. Sharon

    I can immediately feel the relaxed state upon application and notice an increased level of anxiousness as it wears off. This product definitely does what it claims to do.

  51. Susan

    Parasympathetic oil seems to relax me. I like it!

  52. Brandy

    I think the Parasympathetic oil may be helping but I’m unsure as I’m also inhaling ylang ylang. However I am noticing a large improvement.

  53. Christina

    It has a really nice scent. However, had I read more about it, specifically how/ when to use it, I likely would have gone with a different one. I’m not receiving the benefits I had expected so I’m a bit disappointed.

  54. Jule

    It was a gift! It smelled amazing!☺️

  55. Alyssa

    I’m using the parasympathetic oil. To me, the scent is like a little glimpse of heaven: it lifts my mood and brightens my day.

  56. Nann

    I feel wonderful very relaxed & yet motivated. Thank you for this wonderful product.

  57. Lisa

    I love using this oil daily. It helps me feel calm and kindness.

  58. Catherine

    Excellent. I am so very impressed with this product blend, it is exactly what it is said about results.

  59. Anita

    When used in a minute amount in one spot it is calming. Don’t use more than one drop in total though or it’s overpowering and can cause you to feel like fainting.

  60. Sandra

    Surprisingly effective to calm stress in mind…and body

  61. Tiffany

    Calm and better sleep!

  62. Carole

    Great to have a go-to!

  63. Sharon

    This oil works fantastic when I start to get overwhelmed with anxiety and stress!
    I love the clove and lime together. These are very potent smelling and I now think all the other oil brands are not as good as Jodi’s!
    Remember the old saying… “you get what you paid for!” Well once you try these you will not use any others. Thanks, Jodi!

  64. Angelica

    I cannot say enough about the Parasympathetic oil. It is simply amazing. I keep it in my purse. It is effective at taking away/reducing my anxious feelings. It restores me, and brings me back to the now.

  65. Julie

    I have a lot of food sensitivities and many foods I have had to give up. Using this oil before each meal time had tremendously aided my digestion. Enough I feel strong enough to re introduce a tiny bit of the foods one at a time.

  66. Gloria

    It seems to help with anxiety but using it behind my ear lobe breaks my skin out

  67. Bernadette

    Loving the oil. Feeling a gentle sense of calm after a few uses and absolutely adore the scent! Thank you!

  68. David

    I definitely feel more calm with this blend. I use it throughout the day and before bedtime. After a nice relaxing shower, I also apply to the bottom of my feet and it’s like my entire body is in a peaceful state. I’d recommend this blend for sure.

  69. Karen

    I have noticed I feel calmer in extreme stress and love the smell!

  70. Laura

    I love the smell of the Parasympathetic oil. This oil calms me down when I inhale it. I have noticed less headaches since I’ve used this oil.

  71. Virginia

    I have no words, really. I have always been stuck in fight or flight mode. This is the first time in my life that switch has been turned off or reset. I cannot explain how valuable VibrantBlue is to my well-being. Best tool in my overall health kit.

  72. Jeanne

    This oil is amazing!! I’ve only been using it a couple of weeks, and what I noticed immediately is how much it relaxes me, as I tend to be an anxious, highly stressed person.

  73. Jessie


  74. Kat

    Love it. Completely works. Smells incredible.

  75. Ilona

    It smells really nice & relaxes me but as soon as I stop smelling it I go back to my earlier state. If I use it behind my ear or on my feet I don’t notice any difference. I think I’m probably just too relaxed most times to notice a drastic difference.

  76. Cher

    Calms me daily, I use on inner wrists, back of neck and in the navel (with mct carrier oil) as I read that that can get everywhere internally through umbilical vascular system which makes sense! I recommend it for all my clients, patients and anyone affected by the recent turn of events with this “virus” impacting our lives!

  77. Mahnaz

    Have only used it once! Love the smell! My kids love it too!

  78. Jill

    I am noticing less exhaustion, and a calmer more positive outlook toward challenges of any kind. I feel a bond with this oil making it like a friendship.

  79. Aileen

    It helps calm me down and breathe better.

  80. Linda

    I have been using the Parasympathetic oil for about a week and a half. Every morning at first two drops in my palm but that was too much. I place one drop in my palm, blend it into both palms, I inhale the lovely scent. And then a dap behind each ear. My energy has increased, my anxiety is gone. It had been an amazing experience. I hope it will continue to work wonderful into the future.

  81. Lynn

    Absolutely love this oil. It really has the exact effect I was hoping would in helping me stay grounded, present, and calm in situations that otherwise could overwhelm me. Love it so much. I was not able to choose the number of stars I wanted to give the product and Vibrant Blue Oils, but it is 5 stars from me for both.

  82. Debbie

    I love this oil. I haven’t really noticed much difference but I will continue to use.

  83. Jan

    The packaging, aroma is heavenly!

  84. Nancy

    Very nice fragrance. I feel it working when I put it on. I have more energy, I feel more connected.

  85. Nicole (verified owner)

    This worked amazing as far as relaxing me, slowing my heart rate, helping me fall asleep very quickly and sleeping heavy & blissfully & feeling refreshed on the morning. My only trouble is that I am allergic to an ingredient in this blend. After using it a few days (I used a drop or two with 1/4 tsp coconut oil and rubbed on the bottom of my feet) my skin began to itch over my entire body, even my face. So sadly, I had to stop using it. But….if you don’t have the allergic reaction I experienced, I highly recommend this product to help give you the best sleep of your life!

  86. Judie

    Think somewhat less anxious but was hoping for more

  87. Florence

    Have only used it twice and don’t have a definitive opinion yet. Noticed I do seem to be more relaxed. Don’t know if it’s the clove EO in the blend but a little strong when applied behind both ears.
    I did send my sister a bottle to see how she responds do to it.

  88. Donna

    Needed often at first and lesser now. Very calming and do feel that it is rebuilding – helping the different organs of the body do their job. Made the mistake of using later in the day/evening – does not promote sleep!

  89. Alejandra

    I experience a very subtle but calming feeling that I can actually feel in my brain. That’s never happened before with an essential oil and I’ve been using them along with burning sage, sweetgrass, and other things. I believe this blend is the best suited for me out of all the oils I’ve ever tried.

  90. Jodie

    Immediate relief!

  91. Dot

    I found the scent too overpowering

  92. Ann

    So far, so good. I use it before bedtime to get into parasympathetic so I can sleep. I think it helps.

  93. Sara

    I just wanted to say thank you! The parasympathetic oil has helped my son get over his ear infection and my lingering post covid symptoms. It was magical. I just needed to say thank you

  94. Patrice

    I love the smell of this oil, I put it on behind my ears a few times each day, it feels wonderful!

  95. Melissa

    Can definitely tell this stuff works. Glad to have found vibrant blue oils. Looking forward to trying other products.

  96. Sara

    I will have to use it a bit longer to truly evaluate the effect. It is comforting to know I am taking action to improve my physical and mental health. An additional plus is that the scent/smell is so nice and has a positive impact on my outlook!

  97. Linda

    Great, I diffuse at night and has helped with my morning anxiety

  98. Susan

    It’s calming and soothing to my system. I smile when I apply it. It’s self care and nurturing.

  99. Lee

    This oil has provided better clarity from day to day.

  100. Carla

    My husband and I have used this oil every night at bedtime for 3 months. The past 2 weeks we have really begun to notice that we feel consistently calmer throughout our days, have fewer reactive responses of worry or anxiety. My husband is sleeping a little better, and I notice less discomfort with digestive issues like bloating. I also sometimes use it before I go into situations where I feel tension or need to fully focus, and feel a calming, clarifying result within a few minutes.

  101. Linda

    It’s been just a little over a month since I have faithfully used the Parasympathic blend. I have experienced better sleep, whereas I would wake in the middle of the night in the past. Now, most nights, I sleep soundly. I also notice better focus and can complete tasks without over-thinking. Overall, I love this blend, and the scent is so uplifting. Thank you Jodi

  102. Karin

    I haven’t really noticed too much of a difference yet, but have only been using the oil for about 2 weeks. I use it between 2-3 times a day before or directly after meals. I’m hoping I’ll start to feel it working soon.

  103. Tammy

    My daughter and I love it and sniff it every night before she goes to bed and put it on the back of her ear. Last night she asked me if they make the scent in a perfume because she likes it so much! It really relaxes us both!

  104. Kelly

    I ordered this because I have MS and am a Terry Wahls fan. I’ve been having vagus nerve challenges for over a year and have done the chanting, meditating and diet recommendations with little improvement. I was not really expecting much from essential oils and certainly not immediately. I have been having sleep challenges on top of my other vagus nerve symptoms, so I thought I would try Parasympathetic. I have been incredibly pleased and surprised. The first night I applied it behind my right ear and I fell asleep faster and deeper than I had for months. I then put it behind both ears for a few nights and it worked like a charm. I felt calmer, and my sleep improved. Then I decided to try it in the morning and evening, which has offered a new layer of “breathing out” during the day that I hadn’t experienced before using it. I hope it continues, as it seems a little like magic. I have just recommended that my massage therapist/Reiki practitioner contact you about wholesale opportunities as I think she could help a lot of people with your oils. Thank you, Jodi.

  105. Beth

    I have been using this oil for about two weeks now and love it! I am always skeptical of buying oils I haven’t smelled, because I know if I don’t like the smell, I won’t use it very often. I love the smell of this oil- it is soothing, calming, and ‘warm’. I leave it on my kitchen counter and use it many times a day if I feel I need to be balanced, calmed, or refocused. It is a beautiful oil to ‘reset’ and ‘restart’ and help with anxiety. Highly recommend.

  106. Mary

    I use it at least daily – sometimes more than once. It helps me to feel calm and in charge of my choices.

  107. Nancy

    Never thought this combination would be good, but I totally love the combination!

  108. Evelyn

    I’m writing to share with you how great the Parasympathetic oil has helped me so much.
    I suffered with lots of inflamation in body.. and now I can actually have my days without pain.. in my bones also. My nerves are not shocked.. I stay relaxed and my gut has even healed so much.. no trouble with constipation.
    I use it 3 times a day behind both ears.. my mind is so relaxed.. as I can smell the oil I applied..thank you so much for helping me .. your oil..is truly a blessing!

  109. Beverly

    I actually love wearing this essential oil behind my ears and it smells so amazing. I can already see the beginning of my leg wound healing.

  110. Bernadette

    I love it!!! It renews my inner soul.

  111. Edna

    I feel somewhat better,I have MCTD,HBP,Type 2 Diabetes,Bronchiectasis..so I have a long way to go..but getting there, still bad days sometimes.

  112. Charlotte

    I am only waking up once at night. Has a calming effect.

  113. Sunny

    Now in retirement, but after 10 years of working for the boss from you know where, my poor nervous system is still looking around the corner for the next accusation, overt threat, or being blindsided. This blend does calming wonders for me. I find it useful to use at least once every day, usually combined with tapping, and more often when I feel any one of the big Fs (fight, flight, freeze) kick into gear. I would give it 5 stars were it not for the scent, which for me is very unpleasant.

  114. Rebecca

    So far, the greatest Improvement has been in my elderly mom’s hearing! This was unexpected, but much welcomed as she hasn’t had much luck with anything she’s tried, be it supplements, hearing aids, diet, etc. I just had her apply the oil behind her ears and work around the perimeter of her ears as well as the auricular acupuncture points. She has also used a warm rice bag under her ears after putting the oil on in the mornings. I was surprised when she said she believes the oil is really helping her hear better! I am dealing with some autoimmune issues and the going is a little slower for me, but I am diligently using the oil 3 times a day and looking forward to great things in the near future. So glad to have come across this great product!

  115. Veronica

    Works well to calm my hyper active nervous system. I wake up 1-3 am a lot. Puts me back to sleep in no time. I love this stuff.

  116. Ann

    To be honest I think this oil is helping in ways I truly don’t understand. I don’t know much about essential oils and all the ways they can help. So I listen and learn from those who do.

  117. Eva

    I love it. Love the smell . Love the lime clove combination. Very grounding. Ordered a bottle for my sister. I finished my 2 bottles and just ordered 3 more bc they were on sale. Definitely a favorite of mine!

  118. LuAnn

    A calming to my nerves, muscles and overall feeling. I am able to digest and excrete more regularlyA calming to my nerves, muscles and overall feeling. I am able to digest and excrete more regularly.

  119. Kallie

    I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I’ve noticed being a bit calmer. I like that I have something positive that I can use as a go-to when I notice my body is more stressed. Just the act of reaching for the bottle and dabbing a bit behind my ear starts to get me breathing more fully and thinking about consciously relaxing my body. So both the oil blend and the practice helps! I would recommend trying it. We need all the help we can give our bodies to support us.

  120. Ann

    It’s a great product! I just purchased it and so far , I love it! Will get more.

  121. Barbara

    Lyme Disease warrior of 6 truly diagnosed cases with parasympathetic diagnosed on tilt table test in my early 40’s now 60, has found the response to your oil to be excellent. Sleeping and vertigo initially in mornings and my “attitude of inflammation” I call it, is improving slowly but consistent!
    Thank you for this wonderful product!

  122. Ginny

    calming, relaxing, soothing

  123. Milly

    I love this oil I use it everyday and I can feel the way it keeps me calm and serene.

  124. Elaine

    Tremendously more relaxed. I’m high strung- probably because of a lot of trauma I’ve experienced. I’ve tried a few other potions, herbal and pharmaceutical that were meant for relaxing that made me more anxious. I am so relieved. p.s. my heart goes out to Max!!!

  125. Nancy


  126. Janet

    So far, so good. I’m not aware of experiencing any “results,” but overall I’m enjoying giving it a try. I use it about 5 times a day, more or less, often just inhaling. (I think I may be sensitive to it, so I’m being careful to not actually apply more than twice a day.)

  127. Roberta

    I’m just starting with it, so I need to give it more time, at least three more weeks. I love the blue glass containers and notice that the color and feel of the glass is therapeutic in itself.

  128. Lynn

    Im so calm that i fall asleep so im using it before bed

  129. Sandy

    The parasympathetic is very calming and relieves pain

  130. Dij

    I use it three times a day, and it really helps my digestion. I also feel calmer overall.

  131. Jeffrey

    Just finishing 1 bottle of 3; my introduction to Vibrant Blue Oils. Appreciating your customer follow through. I feel a positive difference. I may be asking this blend to apply beyond its reach. I do turn to apply 4 times a day with extra sniffs; and on feet. so, yes, i like this blends effects.

  132. Andrea

    I had dental surgery this morning. Before I left the house I used parasympathetic blend behind each ear. I know it helped me to feel relaxed, trust in the stellar abilities of my holistic dentist and have a very positive outcome.

  133. Wayne

    Very pleasant fragrance and very calming.

  134. Mae

    My symptoms to extremities better, feel stronger after use throughout the day.

  135. Donna

    Excellent! This is a wonderful product. Very relaxing, calming scent. Thank you!!!

  136. Betty

    It calms my nervous system. I sleep better and calmer when upset or stressed. I love the clove and lime scent.

  137. Susanna

    I am still new to this product and expectant of good results.

  138. Peter

    I noticed it improved more peaceful state of mind & increased my focus!
    Your book “Essential Oils to Boost the Brain & Heal the Body” is a must read for everyone who cares about their health!

  139. Blanca

    I use it mainly before going to bed at night. It relaxes me and helps me set aside all the stresses and worries accumulated during the day. It also promotes good, restful sleep, in spite of my sleep apnea. I am planning to start using it before meals to help with digestive issues.

  140. Suzanne

    I first purchased Parasympathetic oil for my 25 year old daughter, who has chronic health conditions accompanied by significant anxiety and depression. I was very pleased to note the rapid de-escalation effect on hyper-arousal. Because of your $15/bottle offer, I purchased this oil for 2 of my young adult psychotherapy clients who don’t have the means to buy this for themselves. Both report that it is a very helpful treatment for intense distress states.

  141. Gary

    Assists greatly in stabilizing cervical alignment and relaxation of cns

  142. Josalin

    I just put parasympathetic on for the first time. I’m LITERALLY in shock. I’ve never had something wash calm over my system before. I just sat here like holy crap. I tuned into my body and felt my heart and lymphnodes exhausted/heavy.

  143. Carol

    Been using this oil for several years. Have bought and recommended this to family and friends. Use many other of Jodi’s oils.

  144. Donna

    I love it!

  145. C. Joy

    I am pleased with my purchase. Parasympathetic allows me to sleep. 86 years old with a long history of sleep issues. Buying more for others who have difficulty with this.

  146. Stefanie

    I just wanted to let you know how much this oil helps with my anxiety. I use it multiple times a day and it seriously helps so much!! I have been using oils for years but nothing has helped like the parasympathetic blend!! I just bought 3 bottles bc the one I have now is low and I don’t want to ever risk running out!!!

  147. Terrie

    Seems to be working. I sleep better.

  148. Nick

    Hands down, the most effective and highest quality essential oil blends I’ve ever used. Look forward to experiencing the other blends.

  149. Pamela

    After years of putting off trying ess. oils and dealing w/sleep issues in other ways — w/little to no success — I tried your kit that incl’d Sleep/Circadian Rhythms/Parasym. Have come to use CR most days & Sleep abt 1/week, while using Para. twice daily — morning & bedtime — because it always helps uplift my mood no matter how good I feel. This spills over into getting off to sleep faster at night. Thanks!

  150. Rosemary

    I love the smell of Parasympathetic. I start my day by just breathing it in, straight from the bottle.

  151. Alea

    Have been seeing a chiro..for 3 month with little improvement. After using the oil I finally felt like my head is connected to my body. Still having some nausea and vertigo but not as severe. My vagus nerve was being compressed in my neck . Have just started working on my gall bladder and restricting gluten and fats. Seems to be helping tremendously.

  152. Denise

    Excellent, it really works!!

  153. Lee

    My husband has dementia and he is able to focus and is more calm. It’s great

  154. Andraia

    I use on my lymph nodes behind my ears and along my jawline to reduce the inflammation and soreness from EBV. It gives me instant relieve. I highly recommend this product for those suffering from enlarged lymph.

  155. Juliet

    Used it behind my ears & soles of my feet; refreshing scent & helps me relax before bed.

  156. Mary

    I think it’s helping my sleep quality…I’m more rested and my deep sleep percentage is better most nights. We’re retired with limited resources and I’m finding it hard to justify the cost.

  157. Norma

    great just wish I could afford more

  158. Aileen

    I rub it behind my left ear and neck before meals. And it helps me relax and hopefully rest and digest.

  159. James

    It has been a good experience using this oil. It goes to work very rabidly and you can tell a difference very quickly. I would recommend this product.

  160. Kathy

    Love it. I use it every morning. It is a great way to start the day.

  161. Karen

    I kept wanting to say, it’s just in my head. But there is a difference for me, a big difference.

  162. Renny

    Love the parasympathetic blend! It has helped the whole family to relax.
    Customer service has also been top notch! Thank you!

  163. EO Believer

    Absolutely works! I have seen improvement in 3 (yes,three!) people! Less angry. More even tempered. Less volatile. Love it!

  164. Mary

    Thank you for creating your amazing essential oil blends to help people like me with chronic illness! I have tried so many treatments and your oils are working very well with quicker results! After not sleeping for a long time, your oils worked in 2 nights! I also bought the sleep trio for my best friend for Xmas, who also does not sleep! I am getting the Parasympathetic for my daughters who lead high stress lives with work & children…..that blend has really helped with my stressful job!

  165. Anne

    Favorites are Parasympathetic and Circadian Rhythm but use more. These are the best oils I have ever used. Use these 2 almost daily. Can’t say enough good things about then.

  166. LILIANE

    I feel so much more relaxed, my sleep is awesome, even my son took one of my bottles ’cause everytime he works out, after the workout he feels anxious, nauseated…. he started using the parasympathetic, I told him to breath it trough the left nostle and it works 🙂

  167. spiffey

    very positive

  168. Maureen

    Smells nice. Not sure what it’s doing for me. I don’t notice any difference before using and after using for a couple of weeks..

  169. Dan

    Love the quick response to using this when stressing. I received definite results when using before a dentist appointment and doctor appointment.

  170. Rachel

    Helpful in keeping my anxious mind in check

  171. Kathy

    It soothes me.

  172. Terrie

    I wasn’t sure what to expect using this oil as suggested. I applied it behind my ears and found myself extremely sleepy, so then I read if this happens, apply it at night, which I now do and it helps for sure with sleeping. I also notice myself less anxious and less monkey mind when I do awaken in the middle of the night and so I’m saying that this product works in a most amazing way and I am floored by how a drop of oil, helps to rebalance the body and I am now a believer. Thank you for helping me on my healing journey.

  173. Lynn

    Since I started using this oil in the evenings on the bone behind my ear, I have slept better than I have in five years, literally! Very impressed.

  174. vtnurse78

    I can’t say enough about how much I love the Parasympathetic Blend. As someone who functions with anxiety, I’ve tried many different things – acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, homeopathy. While all have had their benefits, NOTHING has worked as effectively as Parasympathetic. Now, I carry it with me wherever I go. If I’m feeling stressed, one quick whiff brings me considerable relief.

  175. Jill

    Love it, very calming

  176. Pat

    I didn’t buy the oil for this purpose, but after an MRI on my head, I experienced awful episodes of expanding pressure and tinnitus. I put a put the oil on the mastoid bone at intervals and the issues subsided.

  177. Robert

    This blend is amazing It instantly settles my anxiety and I am so peaceful.
    I feel like my true self ready to go forth and love and serve.

  178. C

    I love how this smells. It does seem to calm me down when I’m feeling “reved-up”. Would recommend.

  179. Doreen

    When I first purchased this oil, I was somewhat confused. Using essential oils was new to me. I ended up writing to Jodi asking for her help she got back to me right away. She explained what the vagus nerve was, it’s purpose and where to apply the oil. I could not believe the difference in my overall health. For the past few years I just haven’t been able to sleep through the night. So, I started applying it at night before bed. The very first night I used it, I not only slept through the night, I slept for a full 8 hours, and woke feeling rested. I now use this on a daily basis, morning, noon and night. I’m not in so much pain during the day, I’m back to being a happier me. Thank you Jodi. I couldn’t do it without your help and
    the help of the Parasympathetic blend.

  180. Charlotte

    I haven’t noticed any thing. Trying to get into oils but never notice anything

  181. Tamera

    The oil is so effective, I purchased for my husband and mother so they could also experience a better sense of calm and improved sleep. I also use liver, gallbladder, sleep and histamine oils and they are all excellent oils in my journey to improved health. Thank you!

  182. Michael

    I am healing from toxic mold exposure and the resulting mycotoxin load in my body.

    When initially ordering histamine blend for histamine intolerance, I was told by your team about parasympatheic blend and decided it would synergize with the histamine blend, ordering both. Since receiving and working with both, I am finding the parasympathetic does a more complete job with the symptoms I am experiencing from mycotoxins in my body.

    It works great when I wake up in the middle of night with repeating troublesome thoughts that keep me awake, It works great when I am cut off by another driver in traffic and want to run him/her off the road, or call them every bad name in the book. So well as a matter of fact that I often am using it to prevent issues/symptoms – before bed, before meals, and before venturing out in traffic during rush hours and holidays.

    I like calling it parasym because there is nothing ‘pathetic’ [pitifully inferior or inadequate] about it in my opinion.

    The results have been a big relief for me, in fact, so much that I gave a couple of bottles to friends for Christmas.

  183. Rebecca

    This is the first oil I purchased and it remains my favorite! I use it at least once per day and shared it with my partner. I kid you not, after applying it for the first few days he would just fall asleep because his nervous system has been so stressed. It is a game changer for repatterning the nervous system and the best oil I have ever used!

  184. Coalee

    It’s only been a few days. So far not noticing anything. Keep asking though.

  185. Sue

    Switch to just inhaling. Didn’t like the smell of oil on myself

  186. Dana

    Just started, so not sure yet, but it smells nice!

  187. Jennifer

    I just tried this today and it is the greatest essential oil blend I have ever used! I felt a cooling sensation and relaxation as it worked it’s way through my body. I have severe RA and chronic inflammation. I believe this remedy will be an integral part of my healing journey. Thank you.

  188. ka

    I like this one a lot. Very lovely soothing smell. Great part of a daily routine.

  189. Gloria

    I’m seriously surprised at how it is helping my digestion! I had read other’s reviews, and was hopeful, but was still surprised! It makes me curious to try other blends.

  190. Kimberly

    Improvement in both digestive and sleep health

  191. Eugene and Dee

    I have used several brands of essential oils over the years and this is the best. Apply to mastoid bone behind ear for stress and digestion.

  192. Leonid

    I am very satisfied, it helps me to relax an sleep!

  193. Shelagh


  194. Sandy

    love the scent… brings a smile to my face every time i use it

  195. Janice

    Works immediately, and well. Continues to work each time I use it.

  196. Cathy

    I love the scent and the clean, simple ingredients. My intent is to try and address my blood pressure issues with this blend. I have not yet noted any measurable changes but enjoy how it feels and smells when I apply the oil. The concept of using essentially oils for healing appeals to me.

  197. Judith

    Calming, helps with my blood pressure, feeling of confidence

  198. Linda

    I use it at night about an hour before going to bed. I actually sleep through the night now. Was very surprised by this. I will continue to use this oil for as long as I’m alive.

  199. Jesse

    I have used essential oils in the past, and I find that Jodi’s oils to be superior to the others. Somehow the mix
    of oils makes a real difference in terms of going to the source needed, and providing the healing I was hoping to find. It’s subtle at first, and being in a more perfect state of wellness, I hardly realize the improvement because wellness, as I experience it, is our natural state of being. I am looking forward to ordering a few more for targeted healing. I would give this one five stars. Thank you Jodi for such a wonderful product.

  200. Brenda

    This oil exceeded my expectations! I had been trying to go see my chiropractor who does energetic (healing) adjustments but his office is an hour and twenty minutes away from me so I couldn’t find time to get there. I can tell when my body is running in a sympathetic dominance mode so I knew I needed to get an adjustment. I got an email from Vibrant Blue Oils offering a 5ml bottle of Parasympathetic for $15. I decided to give it try and so happy I did. Just a touch behind my ear made a huge difference in my wellbeing about 15-20 minutes later! I have used essential oils for several years now but had never heard of this blend. It’s quite surprising to me that using Parasympathetic blend probably helped me as much as going to my chiropractor-energetically speaking! Just be self aware when using this oil and you’ll be able to notice the “shift ” it causes in your body and mind! It smells good too!

  201. Linda

    It is very relaxing and puts me to sleep at night.
    I put a dab next to my ears and in on my TMJ and it stops me from clenching my jaw during the night. PRETTY AMAZING STUFF!!!

  202. Dorothy

    When I woke up in the morning I had a completely rested, calm and peaceful feeling, a different feeling then I’ve ever had upon awakening in the morning. On the average, my husband slept longer (about 7 hours altogether) then he normally does. He usually sleeps 5 hours and usually wakes up one hour after falling asleep. He still woke up one hour after falling asleep but he could fall right back to sleep. I think we both slept better after using the parasympathetic oil!

  203. Jane

    I have been very pleased with the oils and think that they are helping me. Parasympathetic is my favorite. I got that oil first and had an accident soon after I received it that required a trip to the ER. I was using it when I had the accident and believe that I was much calmer than I would have been without it. I received other oils early in my recovery time. The whole healing process went way faster than I would have anticipated. I think that using the oils at least had a significant role in my speedy recovery. I would recommend starting with the parasympathetic since we all have stress. I gave a bottle of that to my elderly friend who is a retired physician. She really likes it a lot too and will probably get more.

  204. Patti

    I really appreciate the difference using the oils make.

  205. Rose

    I have a vagus,nerve/throid issue. There was a noticeable difference with my raised pulse rate and anxiety.

  206. Phyllis

    WOW, It is balancing parasympathetic nervous system. I use it everyday on my occipital condyle, forhead and temples. With amazing results.

  207. Vicki

    Wonderful oil. Smells divine – and just a drop behind each ear sends me into a more peaceful, happy place when I feel stressed.

  208. Elizabeth

    I am slow to try out new things after 2 years tapering off a medication that a few doctors kept refilling without a question. I was finally off that medication last November. So I was hesitant to start using essential oils even after my daughter-in-law gave me roll-on of a calming blend a year ago March. Even though I used it daily and could tell the difference if I forgot to use it, it took me a few months until I started reading about essential oils in ads on my phone or Facebook. By August I thought what did I have to lose and ordered a few that looked interesting. I had been having migraines, tension and what I call barometer headaches. I tried out the one for headaches and pain, not thinking about what might happen. I soon realized that my headache was gone, and didn’t come back when I used my new roll-on. A week later I realized that I no longer had my headaches and I was really surprised. Then I researched a little more because of the side effects I was experiencing after getting off that medication the previous November. The worst was the symptoms of heavy stress I was experiencing, including insane itchingtntatively placed an order with Vibrant Blue Oils

  209. Mary

    Wonderful! After my first use, I found it to work very quickly. It is my go-to for anxiety.

  210. Claylene Joy

    I can sleep!!!!!!

  211. Linda

    I like this blend a lot. I was hoping to see more transition into a calmed state. Maybe I don’t know what calm feels like so don’t recognize what I feel as such. Lol

  212. Lindsey

    This oil has helped my sleep soooo much. I don’t wake up early and struggle to go back to sleep anymore. I am well rested, achieve REM sleep, and wake up ready to go. This oil has been life changing!!

  213. Aubrey

    I like the smell and it seems to have a little bit of a calming effect on me but other than that I haven’t noticed much

  214. Jenn

    I love it! Best oil ever!

  215. Lynnette

    Wonderful for lowering the sound of my tinnitus! Very calming and lovely aroma!

  216. Darlene

    After a few days of using Parasympathetic, I noticed that I just felt better and felt clear-headed in my thinking . It was a gradual thing. But I got too busy and didn’t use the oil for a couple of days and I felt the difference right away. I realized I hadn’t been putting the oil on and have been making sure I do daily now! My husband is using it, too and has had the same experience as I have had. He feels better using it, calmer and clearer, but when he stopped, the brain fog and feeling of being unwell came right back. I bought the oil on a special offer, but I can tell you I will not be without it from now on. We feel so much better using the oil and recommend this product to everyone. I am planning on trying the other products as well.

  217. Daphne

    My holy grail when I start to feel stressed, anxious or starting to have a major migraine headache. It totally relaxes me almost immediately!!! I never leave home without it.
    I’ve been giving them as gifts to my family and friends.
    I’m so happy I found this natural oil to heal my body as needed.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world!

  218. Elaine

    I love the smell and I feel relaxed

  219. Deborah

    I love the idea of essential oils & have wanted to try Parasympathetic for a while. Once I adjusted to the strong fragrance, I have chemical sensitivities, I’ve enjoyed using it 2x/day, behind my earlobes & on my mastoid bone & down. I haven’t noticed any changes! I do take several herbal supplements daily, have spiritual practices & eat well. I appreciate your efforts at improving peoples’ well-being, especially through natural means.

  220. Karen

    Not sure I can tell a difference yet, but I love the way it smells so much I’ll buy it again just for that! I have bought some for my two adult daughters.

  221. Angela

    love it!

  222. Paula

    I was just diagnosed with m.s. and knowing that deep sleep is imperative for myelin repair was adding to my already stressed state. I could go at least three nights with little sleep.
    I wanted to sleep well so badly that I was desperate for something to help me.
    Using the parasympathetic oil has been a god send. First night slept soundly with only waking up once. I put too much on the second night and had a very disturbing dream and my head upon waking felt terrible. Headaches that bothered me most of the day. Next night, I felt great in the morning. Head was good and I was happy. The following night I applied too much again. Some spilled out and so as not to waste it, I was rubbing it in different places. I had another disturbing dream and my head also felt awful.
    I have since been careful how much to apply and my sleeps are very good. I wake up feeling completely rested, wide a wake and ready to go.
    Thank you for this. I am ever so thankful.

  223. Carol

    Although pleasant smelling, I have not noticed any benefit after 30 days using one drop behind each ear morning and night, as suggested.

  224. Keith (verified owner)

    May be helping stimulate my vagus nerve.

  225. Mary (verified owner)

    Seems to be calming and smells very nice

  226. Tom (verified owner)

    I was very surprised how well it works. I was skeptical but this really helped with my anxiety.

  227. Michele (verified owner)

    Can’t get enough of these results

  228. Kerry (verified owner)

    Vibrant Blue Oils are wonderful! I have recently purchased and been using the Parasympathetic.
    I love the scent and the effect! The product support and education provided by Jodi is outstanding! I highly recommend this oil. I am a clinician and I work with clients to reset their autonomic nervous system and help them get out of being stuck in “sympathetic on” so they can properly rest, digest and detox. This Oil is a great compliment to the therapies I offer at my office!

  229. Kathy (verified owner)

    I’m using this as a treatment for gastroparesis along with electro stimulation and it really calms my stomach down so I can rest and digest. I’m able to eat and be comfortable which is huge !!

  230. Gloria (verified owner)

    I was experiencing a lot of anxiety. And not knowing why. And I ran across this parasympathetic in an email I received. And it was at a great price, So without a lot of expectations, I went ahead and ordered it. It took a few days to kick in, but my anxiety is much better. Much much better. And another benefit that I noticed, that I was definitely not expecting, is that since it kicked in I have not experienced acid reflux. I had been experiencing reflux almost daily for months. I use it twice a day behind my earlobe and have been using it probably for a little over two weeks. I don’t know if it’s some thing else that I did That might’ve also helped the improvement, but based on my experience, I would highly recommend it.

  231. Terrie (verified owner)

    Love, love love it. Tell everyone about it.

  232. Jeff (verified owner)

    Good. It appears to be helping me relax at night. I am glad that I am giving it a try. Thank you for caring for the health of others.

  233. erika (verified owner)

    I can’t believe how fast the parasympathetic worked I ordered more can’t wait to try them

  234. Heather

    Just got my Parasympathetic oil this week. Miracles! Such a release last night and this morning!

  235. Arlette

    Sooooooooo good. Thank you for providing these herbs to the world and making them affordable. I use just a couple of drops behind my ears and i feel it all the way through to my heart center. Powerful. Thank you again.

  236. Jamie

    The amazing qualities of HISTAMINE made me want to try the PARASYMPATHETIC oil. And again, I’ve gotten tremendous help from that oil. To put it simply, it just puts me in a better space, more able to relax and very helpful to be relaxed for sleep. We want to get all your oils because we literally can’t imagine that, given our specific needs, that all the oils won’t do exactly as advertised.

  237. Caroline

    The parasympathetic oil is working well for me.

  238. Sarah

    Vibrant Blue’s Parasympathetic blend is my go-to for supporting my nervous system in times of stress or overwhelm. When I use it behind my ears, it gives me a sense of almost instant relief and melts the stress away. It helped me so much when I was struggling with breast implant illness and dealing with crippling anxiety. And now I keep it in my purse so I have access to it on the go. As a busy practitioner, it really helps me stay balanced.

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